Hello Friends of Planting Seeds!


We find ourselves in unprecedented times, right? 

We're in a pandemic in the midst of uncertainty.

Early reports tell us that need has grown in our local school community by at least a factor of four. There are a lot of families hurting around us. But how to do it in 2020? We don't want what we do to increase anyone's Covid risk. 

Our solution is to use online wish lists that will list gift cards usable by all the families that we support. Gift cards can be ordered remotely, and we will distribute them to counselors and social workers before Winter Break who will be able to get them to Beaverton families experiencing need. It's a different way to help, and doesn't involve grabbing a snowflake from a display, but we think that folks will still want to help and still can have some fun by clicking on a snowflake below (or even the donate button above.)

Thank you for your continued support of our community, and Happy Holidays!


Thank you so much for your commitment and generosity! With your help, we were able to improve over last year's donations to support even more Beaverton students and families!

Click on a snowflake!

We accept gift cards at any time, but in order to make it Beaverton families for the holidays, we would appreciate your purchase by December 10th. Thank you!

Gift card purchases can also be made at local stores and then sent to us at 9188 SW Platinum Place, Beaverton, OR 97007.